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These pieces of fiction were written by MaddenedMan.

All pages are html. A few stories have the option of .pdf downloads.

Click [H] to view in your browser, [P] to download the .pdf version.

Ethan Ramsey

Ethan Ramsey is a hired gun, sent to track down and kill 'The Disappearing Man,' a local serial killer who has evaded capture by both local police forces and Ethan's company, Op3. But there is more to The Disappearing Man than what he has been told. Not only that: there is more to Ethan than even he knows.

This series was an experiment in regular episodic writing.


  • [H] / [P] Episode 00 - Pilot
  • [H] / [P] Episode 01 - First Shot
  • [H] / [P] Episode 02 - Mr. Moon
  • [H] / [P] Episode 03 - Ulterior Motifs
  • [H] / [P] Episode 04 - Wolf
  • [H] / [P] Episode 05 - Langley
  • [H] / [P] Episode 06 - Amelia
  • [H] / [P] Episode 07 - Chase
  • [H] / [P] Episode 08 - Despondence
  • [H] / [P] Episode 09 - The Frayed Tether
  • [H] / [P] Episode 10 - Finale

Four Horsemen (Novella)

Justin dies, and must take a temporary job as War, one of the horsemen of the apocalypse, in order to be brought back to life, and back to his girlfriend, Sarah.


  • [H] Chapter 01
  • [H] Chapter 02
  • [H] Chapter 03
  • [H] Chapter 04
  • [H] Chapter 05

Standalone Stories

These short stories are not related to each other. They can each be viewed in your browser, and some have downloadable .pdf versions.


  • [H] / [P] No Longer One
  • [H] / [P] Soren The Immortal
  • [H] / [P] Black Of Their Eyes
  • [H] / [P] This Is Not Emo
  • [H] / [P] Misanthrope
  • [H] / [P] The Night The Detectives Arrived (Two Attempts)
  • [H] / [P] Tyranny


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