Slightly More Vangelic: My attempt at a Blade Runner soundtrack sound (a la Vangelis). Created in SunVox
Totes Romantic Song: This song is very romantic.
Bridge 1: A musical bridge between Hallelujah and Totes Romantic Song
Hallelujah: My cover of the Leonard Cohen song
Cold night: Some dwarf-looking chaps singing low around a fireplace
Cat and the Owl (Round and Round): Second version of a harmonic song
The Tranquil Knight: An a capella try at a madrigal.
The Ballad of Ryan Davis: A Western ballad about Ryan Davis of Giant Bomb dot com.
Mais J'essaie, Mais J'essaie: A French song, in French.
Happy Little Simulations: A little song made in an evening.
Cross the Viridian: A cover of a Pokemon tune (Viridian Forest)
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